Corporate Responsibility

At ICICI Group we believe that the next spurt of economic growth in India will be driven by the rural sector and we are therefore committed to enhancing the economic, social and human development outcomes for weaker sections of the society.

Our social initiatives are aimed at capacity building in specific areas that are the key to the long-term economic and social development of India. By supporting initiatives to enhance access to financial services, by bridging gaps wherever there are missing markets and by creating complimentary infra-structure to address basic health and education needs, we will strive to improve livelihood and productivity in rural India and bring more and more people into the socio-economic mainstream and contribute to the full realisation of India's vast untapped potential.

We are working with key stakeholders - agri-based industries, government authorities and existing rural financial intermediaries - towards this end. We are also seeking to use technology as a tool to accelerate the penetration of financial services. This new approach of channels and products based on invention of technology and delivery architecture will achieve the goal of bringing financial services to the poor in a sustainable manner.